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Oct 12, 2012 7:30am EDT
asia. growth here too has started to slow down. weaker mow men tou eer momentum to the lowest rate since 2008. economists said head wind from europe have pushed down exports and a downside risk. they projected thing would pick up gradually over the next few years and asia should remain at the head of global growth. >>> well, the imf work in the asia pacific region, no trouble, managing trouble spots. led missions to thailand, indonesia and malaysia during the asian currency crisis. i met with him to talk about challenges we fast now and some of those in the future. i want to start talking asian countries, they have really been a bright spot for the global economy. but we are seeing, economies of europe and the u.s. starting to really stagnate. we are seeing a slowdown in china. and india. wondering how much can asia continue to support growth? >> as we see,isha^ kra asia re leader. we expect asia to grow 5.5% this year, rising to 6 poe% this yea above global growth. i would say, you will see demand pick up in asia and keep growing -- growth active and robust. >> speaking of domesti
Oct 18, 2012 11:00am PDT
annenberg media ♪ captioning sponsored by annenberg/cpb narrator: the region of southeast asia and south pacific includes a multitude of small island nations and one large continent country. here we find economic tigers and raw-material producers. state economies benefit from their relative location on the pacific rim, and multinational corporations take advantage of shipping opportunities offered by proximity to the world's largest ocean. we focus on the tiny city-state of singapore. despite being the smallest country in southeast asia and lacking natural resources, it is one of the wealthiest states in the world and the gateway to southeast asia. american computer giant hewlett-packard searched for a base to spearhead its push to asia. man: we basically stock and distribute hewlett-packard products, mainly computer-related products like pcs-- personal computers-- printers, plotters, scanners and all kinds of related peripherals for personal computers. and we distribute throughout the asia-pacific region, and that covers all the way from korea to india, down to australia. narrator
Oct 6, 2012 8:00am PDT
similarities all of southeast asia. we performed in bali with a group. it's a story from the [inaudible] and so the indian epiics actually the indian epiics for very common in cambodia and bali and thailand and there is a different aesthetic. all southeast asia and asia there are a lot of similarities. >> he is a male entity. he is not -- are you referring to the story? >> it's interesting you should say that. a unique indian concept is one of half male, half female. and that is -- unlike some dances the solo dancer portrays all of the parts in the story. you can portray a feminine aspect and then masculine aspect with the bow and arrow. the male has to portray feminine and the female has to portray masculine. there is a very fierce dance and a soft sort of dance and every dancer has to learn all those aspects. it's very, you know, my teacher i call him a guru in this art form you have to study very, very hard. you have to learn about all the cultural aspects. he says it's liberating because he enjoys and has to learn to bring up the feminine aspect. he's a strong character i
Oct 6, 2012 8:45am EDT
asia on one hand and down into iraq on the other. this iranian regime may transform itself and may be overthrown in a couple years that there will always be an iran and great iranian power on the iranian plateau. saudi arabia is more tenuous. creation of a family. it is not synonymous with the arabian peninsula. there are many other countries on the peninsula's borders, artificial in the center, always had trouble keeping in line, where the holy cities are. iran is strongly institutionalized. it is not a 1-man sophistic -- it has different centers of power against each other in a complex bureaucratic border. the gift of the iranian plateau and geographic legitimacy provides the government over millennia. i would say our grand strategy has to be that the u.s. has been estranged from iran for a third of the century, a decade longer than we were estranged with red china between 40, and 72. at some point and this is what the saudis really worry and think about, there has to be a -- with iran. we have to think in those terms. does going to war -- all of iran supports a nuclear program but
Oct 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
southeast asia and south pacific is characterized by political and economic disparity, a mosaic of small countries scattered on peninsulas and islands. we begin in laos, southeast asia's only landlocked country. a long history of isolation has protected its natural resources and ingenous cultures. laos today is beginning to court the global economy throh e sale ofydroeltric power. geof its indigenous tions wd its natural environment. the mekong river traces an 1,100-mile path through or along the border of laos. the river has also been a barrier between laos and its neighbors. now there is a road, where before there was none. in 1994, the friendship bridge gave laos its first land link with the outside world, through thailand to the west. the bridge may symbolize a connected future, but laos in the here and now remains among the poorest countries in the world. ( rooster crows ) it is the least developed country in the lower mekong basin. life expectancy is low, about 53 years. ( rooster crows % of cn e ourished. the potential changes brought by economic development are enormous. the soil
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am PDT
fought two wars that cost us dearly, the united states is turning to the vast potential of the asia pacific region. >> obama turned his attention at home to pushing through health care reform, something president after president had tried to do. he succeeded with what became known as obama care, the most significant overhaul since medicare and medicaid in the 1960s. he pushed to shore up banks after the financial crisis and congress passed legislation two years ago imposing stricter regulations on financial institutions and giving more protection to customers. reforming the nation's finances has proved more difficult. republicans criticized obama for the mounting national debt and they say the unemployment rate, 7.8%, is unacceptably high. >> the latest poll suggests the candidates are running close, but they were taken before the storm hit shore. earlier i spoke with nhk world's nishikawa on obama's successes and his failures. mishiko the president is not the first president, obviously, to promise change. but he certainly made that word stick. how do voters think he has done? >> ri
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
development bank has revised downward its 2012 growth estimates for developing countries across the asia-pacific region. they say the slowdown in china and india contributed to the downgrade. the growth estimate this year is 6.1%. that's down from the april assessment of 6.9%. the estimate for 2013 was also cut to 6.7%. that's down from 7.3%. the economist also warned of downside risks stemming from the territory disputes involving japan, china and south korea. >> if you look at the overall trade pictures, it's that significant at this moment. if it lasts longer, maybe. so i think we should avoid it that. >>> australia's trade deficit in august grew to the highest level in more than four years. the slowdown in china's economy is taking on a toll on australian exports of iron ore and coal. officials at the australian bureau of stamm sticks announced it rose to $2 billion. looking in detail, exports fell to about $25 billion. that's down around 12% from a year ago in australian dollar terms. imports stood at about $27 billion. that's up 6% from the previous year based on a similar australi
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
country are devoting more and more of their time to thinking about the asia-pacific region. we are developing new operational concepts for the forces. we are integrating operations on land in the air force and navy to maintain access in contested regions we are real making sure we are prepared for any opportunity for a challenge that may arise. the pentagon leadership is focused intently on executing the rebalanced. secretaries and leon panetta hosts a video teleconference but this is something new. this is something that secretary gates and then secretary leon panetta have been doing with commanders iraq and afghanistan as a way of keeping involved, keeping in touch, constantly consulting and working on issues and we've decided to do that with admiral law cleared out in honolulu also to keep the tempo of our activities so that the defense department leadership to make decisions effectively and quickly about the asia-pacific region. i am conducting a defense department wide management review to support assess and implement all of those rebalanced initiatives. we are watching every
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
east asia will rise to 7.6% next year. they say china will pick up steam and demand will grow within southeast asia. they are also being cautious. >>> chinese officials safe they have cancelled plans to aattend world meetings. japan controls the islands. chinese leaders say the territories belong to them. representatives of the industrial commercial bank of china, china construction bank will skip the world bank gathering. a ministry official was quoted as saying japan's unilateral actions are freezing relations. it's the world's largest bank and the other institutions are among the top ten on the planet. senior officials are still expected to take part in the meetings here in tokyo. we'll take you to the imf world gathering a little later in the day. we'll have live updates. >>> now let's get a check on the markets to see how stocks are trading this tuesday. we cross over to ramin who is at the tokyo stock exchange. we had the improved u.s. jobs data on friday. with the imf meetings this week a lot of focus on global growth. how are stocks kicking off? >> playing a bit of catchup to
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
the civilian aerospace market and not be able to get to just the u.s., but also the asia and middle east, could be a big plus and b.a. systems can bring them some of that. they want to hold on to the defense market in the u.s., but they want to gain access to that civilian market, have their engineers plug much more into the civilian business that air bus can bring them across the world. >> you talk about the strategic importance of the uk government. how likely are the french or german governments to want to reduce their influence? >> i think what's interesting is where we are right now, it looks like the uk wants to deal enough and i think b.a. systems wants to deal enough given the bad profile for the defense markets in the short term. they seem to be striking enough of a deal to let the french feel that they can have a share holding. they think they can get past the u.s. with various safeguards. the germans are the ones to watch out for here. they don't have a large defense budget. they can't kind of use that to leverage their position in the company. they don't have the headqua
Oct 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
bank have cut their forecasts for growth in east asia. they say china's slowing economy will have a weakening effect across the region. the bank's latest report projects 7.2% growth this year across 14 countries. that's 0.4 percentage points lower than the forecast in may. the region includes china but not japan. the report says china's domestic demand is sluggish and says europe's credit crisis has hurt exports throughout the region. world bank analysts say growth in east asia will rise to 7.6% next year. they say china will pick up steam and demand will grow in southeast asia. they're also being cautious. they know continuing risks to east asian economies. >>> members of the nobel committee have honored two men who they say revolutionized our way of understanding how cells and organisms work. shinya yamanaka proved cells can be changed into immature stem cells which can then be used to form all the tissues of the body. >> the nobel society has today decided to award the nobel prize in physiology or medicine 2012 jointly to john b.gergen and shinya yamanaka. >> he is 50 years old.
Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
country ow of deflation. >>> the u.s. military is strengthening presence in the asia pacific region. it has announced that it's going to deploy two career strike -- carrier strike groups to the western pacific. this comes as the chinese navy increases its advance into the east china sea, the south china sea and the pacific ocean. so what's behind the u.s. decision? we'll have an analysis by our military affairs expert, but before that, let's look at the current situation in the region. the strike groups will include two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, the "uss george washington" is currently based in yoke sucha near tokyo, while the "uss john c. stennis" is based on the west coast. the two strike group include vessels equipped with the 'gis air defense system. the u.s. fleet says the two strike groups will provide a combat-ready force to protect and defend the collective maritime interests of the united states and its allies in the asia pacific region. the u.s. also plans to deploy new f-35 stealth fighter jets in the region. the f-35 is now in its final stage of development. it has
Oct 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
presence in the asia pacific region. it has announced that it's going to deploy two carrier strike groups to western pacific. this comes as the chinese navy increases its advance into the east china sea, the south china sea, and the pacific ocean. so what's behind the u.s. decision? we'll have analysis by our military affairs expert. but before that, let's look at the current situation in the region. the strike groups will include two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. the "u.s. washington" is near yoke sucha and the "uss john c. stennis" is on the west coast. they have the aegis air defense system. the u.s. fleet says the two strike groups will provide a combat-ready force to protect and defend the collective maritime interests of the united states and its allies in the asia pacific region. the u.s. also plans to deploy new f-35 stealth fighter jets in the region. the f-35 is now in its final stage of development. it has an advanced network system to connect the aircraft with ground-based radar and aegis vessels which can provide integrated information to the pilots. >>> earlier i spoke
Oct 25, 2012 11:00am PDT
southwest asia is largely islamic. but jerusalem, like the rest of israel and palestine, is bitterly divi between muslims anjews. at the beginning of the 21st century, arabs in the israeli-occupied territories on the west bank and the gaza strip began an uprising they called the "second intifada." it was marked by a seemingly endless cycle of arab attacks and suicide bombings followed by israeli repriss. in order to understand the prospects for peace, we explore the historical geography of israel and palestine with special emphasis on the sacred space of jerusalem. for half a century, israelis and palestinians have battled over jerusalem and a larger homeland. helping to mediate competing claims was dennis b. ross, special envoy for the first president bush and then president clinton. as his term ended, the peace process crumbled. the intifada that began has had lots of casualties. unfortunately, one of the worst casualties-- in addition to the true human suffering-- has been a loss of complete faith and belief in peacemaking. what is so disheartening for someone like me, af
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
independent. that is a loss of a huge piece of the grand area of asia. it became a major issue in american domestic policy, who is responsible for a loss of china? the phrase is interesting. like, i cannot lose your computer, right? because i don't own it. i could lose my computer. the phrase "loss of china" presupposes that deeply held principles of american elite consciousness. we own the world. and if some piece of it becomes dependent, we have lost it. it is a terrible loss. we have to do something about it. it is never questioned, which is interesting in and of itself. what about the same time, about 1950, concerns developed about the loss of southeast asia. and that is what led the united states into the china wars, the worst atrocities that post -- in the postwar period. partly lost, partly not read significant event in 1965 when indonesia, which was the main concern, the country's southeast asia with most of the wealth and resources, there was a military coup in indonesia. it led to extraordinary massacre, what "the new york times" called a staggering mass slaughter that killed hun
Oct 23, 2012 4:00am EDT
leave growth in asia? joining us first on cnbc is managing director for general asian development. thanks very much indeed for joining us. you down graded your asian growth forecast to 6.1% in 2012. here's the thing. a lot of people would say it rebounds next year. others think growth in the world next year is going to be even weaker. what do you think? >> we think the growth next time in 2013 will show an uptick 6.7% from 6.1 this year. i think it's important to realize that there are risks and the major risks are of course the euro crisis and what's happening in the u.s. fiscal cliff. those are very major external risks. there are -- china is not going to grow at the double digit rates we've seen in the last several decades. india is going to show moderation in growth. so there's a softening of demand internally within asia. external factors are weaker. so i think well see lower growth, but it's still going to be a fairly handsome 6.1 this year, 6.7 next year. >> there seems to be -- we've had some extra stimulus coming through. some countries may think about needing to raising
Oct 11, 2012 11:30am PDT
annenberg media ♪ caioningponsored by annenberg/cpb narrator: the region of southeast asia and south pacific coains t fourth most populous country ithe wod anthe largest islamic country in world they, in fact, one and the same: indonesia. a frmentary state spadcross anpegoof 13,iss, i. latelyitoes no seemo unifie eastimor ry rwhile most of indonesiais , irian jaya threaten the same. the island of bali is mostly hindu.timor ry recently bombed is ta popur nightclub here? or it is because the tropical paradise was a mecca for western tourists? in theurrent war against terrorism, we explore the geographical roots of the tourist economy that crashed after the violent attack in 2002; whetr the influx of sitors will threaten the loca and how ba's distinct cuure fits into the complex diveity of indonesia. still use the methods passed down from their grandfathers. but life around them is chaing. it's a lot greener some of those roadsideught stalls look interesting. yeah, might do those tomorrow still haven't worked out the money though. ( people clamoring, airport announcements ) narror
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am PDT
meeting of naval officers from countries in the asia pacific region, including china and south korea. the annual exchange opened monday at the maritime self-defense force staff college in tokyo. 20 officers are taking part from 19 nations including the united states, canada and australia. three are from china and south korea. japan is involved in territorial disputes with both nations. the college's vice principal toshihiro yamamoto says oceans are public property and should be accessible to any nation. >> i strongly believe that face-to-face meeting like this program will promote mutual understanding and confidence-building of individuals. >> participants at the ten-day meeting plan to discuss disaster rescue operations, humanitarian assistance, and working together for maritime safety. >>> more japanese companies affected by the march 11th disaster of last year are taking part in one of the biggest trade shows in china. they're pinning their hopes on the chinese market despite soured relations between japan and its neighbors over disputed islands group. nhk world's shunishi reports. >>
Oct 23, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, and particularly in asia, where the burden of tuberculosis is heaviest. in a number of the industrialized countries-- and the united states is perhaps the best example-- we've had tremendous success in controlling tuberculosis and did so up until the sort of mid-1980s, and then, due to a number of factors-- some complacency, declining resources directed at tuberculosis and other illnesses we assumed were going to disappear, lack of sort of attention by the public health community-- tuberculosis came back, and came back somewhat slowly, subtly, until we realized we had a serious problem. we were victims of our own success. we had all these wonderful antibiotics, we had wonderful, very safe and effective vaccines that took care of polio and that got rid of smallpox and that largely got rid of measles, and there sort of became a perception that, why do we need to spend all this money? why do we need to have all these people to take care of problems that don't exist anymore? and so the resources got shifted away, both out of health-- but within public health, into other areas o
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
are implementing a new defense strategy with more emphasis on the asia pacific region. some security analysts say they're doing so to counter china's military buildup. and that's where the osprey's advanced capabilities come in. it flies faster and five times further than the helicopters in use, and it can carry twice the load. so u.s. military leaders see the osprey as an essential tool to carry out their strategy. and japanese officials are well aware of this too. and that's why they approved the deployment. >> and how are both of those groups reacting to the local opposition? >> well, u.s. and japanese officials worked out a set of rules regarding osprey flights. for example, they said the aircraft would avoid flying over residential areas and stay above 150 meters as much as practicable. but residents say this wording gives the planes too much leeway. for example, these pictures show osprey test flightings above residential areas in yamaguchi prefecture before coming to okinawa. residents of okinawa frequently report similar problems with other aircrafts. so there is a lack of tr
Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT
services. that's all for me for now. i'll leave you with the markets this tuesday here in asia. >>> the discussion included disputed islands in the south china sea. they agree to continue talks to establish a declaration of conduct with their will to resolve the issue peacefully. countries have been asking china to agree to a legal biding code of conduct governing behavior in the disputed region. they have failed to reach substantial progress over the issue. china has been reluctant to establish a code of conduct despite the urging of the united states. the focus is now on bl the relevant countries will bridge their differencest a series of summits nex month. >>> spokespe are no plans for direct talks with japan's leaders. relations between the countries have soured. china and taiwan also claim the islands. if summit is scheduled to open next monday. japaneserimeinisr i alady considering attending. there's fo plano plans for the s to meet. >> translator: japan should immediately correct i wants mistakes. make an effort to remove obstacles to improving relations. >> observers sa
Oct 8, 2012 3:00pm PDT
right now to shape events with china? >> well, there has been some bipartisanship on east asia. so the obama administration after flirting with a different policy in 2009 returned to an emphasis on asia that had been there in the previous administration. there was an emphasis that involved strengthening our alliances with japan and india and presenting to china a clear choice about we will cooperate if they play by the rules of the game, but we will also demand that they play by the rules of the game. that strategy, which obama came to rather late, has been the strategy that followed in the past. that's the strategy that we will follow in the future. the problem with president obama'sivot to asia is not that he's focusing on asia. he's underresourced the visit to asia. the big difference between a second term for president obama and a romney administration would be that romney's pledge to beef up the u.s. navy, which is the key service of interest to strengthen our position in asia. i think that's an important difference. >> woodruff: what about that resource question, michelle flour f
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm PDT
unstopables tour for free samples on economic growth in asia. the of a bigger slo >>> stocks starting the week lower on concerns about economic growth in asia. the world bank warns of a bigger slowdown in china and cuts in growth forecast for all of asia. right now the dow as you can see is it down nearly 20 points. 19 now 18 and change. general motors will hire as many as 1500 workers to staff a new computer technology center in a detroit suburb. the automaker is shifting computer work from companies at outside firms and plans to open up four new technology centers in the united states. gm says it could hire 10,000 people to do the work in the next three to five years. >>> best buy's geek squad is expanding the tech support service now offered to ebay customers who opt for service plans when they buy some electronics. the geek squad is also being tested at 28 target stores as best buy looks for new ways to make some money from fixing computers and tablets. >>> the generic version of a popular antifres and the drug apparently isn't working for some people. the fda
Oct 25, 2012 4:00am EDT
%. so another central bank trying to ease things up around the globe. this as asia gets into its full earnings season. may show a striking contrast between southeast asia and rest of the region. expects to report an average of more than 16% rise in earnings from previous year's figures. partly driven by a strong domestic base. you how are you playing asia? >> well, we actually look at 6,000 companies worldwide. so what we're really looking at is the similarities between the markets and recognize the report there talking about the domestic market. we know asian stocks generally are focused on what's happening in china and leadership changes. so that's dominating the story in north asian markets. we're not really in the the earnings season yet here, but certainly the message across board both in europe and states and asia is everybody's focus is on the revenue lines here. we're looking not just at the ability to deliver against earning, with ybut really what' happening with demand balances. expectations are reasonably optimistic. so once that's already being reflected in positive antici
Oct 6, 2012 6:30am PDT
book prize. it's a pacific rim book prize in which books come from asia and all over the pacific rim. in the last 11 years it's been a prize we read so many books that have come from voices of new writers. i'm always amazed and they are writing different storers i wrote when i started. all the people have come through now. if you look at the list of indian and japanese authors and chinese authors it's now we are very much diverse. i think for a long time we weren't. i thank you for that question. if i keep going i will never get another question. [laughter]. >> thank you for samurai's garden. i read it had it first came out and it's wonderful to be rereminded. >> thank you. and thank you for coming. you know jump off, i was samurai's garden, i said it was an energizer bunny. danville shoes samurai's garden the end of last year. they had the danville theatre which is a nice theatre and they were doing roamioand juliette and there was me in the middle of a balcony. it was a nice audience when i walked in my brain was exat that timic, look at the people here. it's almost as good as last
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am PDT
them a boost. they are trying to generate interest around the world, but especially in asia's rising economies. >> asia has been influenced by many major markets, and japan is a major market. >> translator: i'm proud of japanese content. we'd like to spread this great content around the world without worrying about the segmentation within our industry. we hope to increase global profits. >> reporter: japan's sluggish economy, along with its aging progression, is having an impact across the board. creators in the company's entertainment industry are trying to tap into new markets, not just to direct sales, but to guarantee their survival. >>> there's a tropical storm swirling near the philippines. meteorologist robert speta joins us with that. >> we are continuing to watch our storm here. this is tropical storm son-tinh moving off towards the west, bringing some very heavy rain showers. already in northern mindanao, you've seen reports of up to 70 millimeters in the past 24 hours. and upwards of 200 millimeters expect there had in the next 72 hours. even in southern mindanao, you've s
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
campbell, who arrived in japan on thursday, is in charge of u.s. policies on east asia. he said he met with china's vice foreign minister in the u.s. before leaving for japan. >> we talked about the importance of relations between china and japan are restored and improved, and that is in the best interests of not just the peoples but the countries and everyone in the asia-pacific, including the united states. >> campbell is scheduled to meet with japanese officials to discuss bilateral cooperation on situations in east asia. >>> we interviewed a prominent british analyst on how he sees japan/china relations at the moment. professor michael clarke is director general at the royal united services institute for defense and security studies. >> for european, we understand the issue, i think, of the islands. we understand the delicacy of the issue. but it is a problem that can be similar disputes all around the world, and they will flare up from time to time. the most important thing from tokyo's point of view is not to allow too many precedents to be set on either side, which lock both
Oct 2, 2012 7:00pm PDT
influence of asia's rising power. the secretary of foreign affairs rosario urged the countries to quickly agree on a legally binding code of conduct to ease tensions. >> to address this challenge and arrive at a resolution, we must rely on the rule of law and not the force of arms. we must rely on the body of rules that state that disputes must be resolved peacefully. >> vietnam's deputy minister of foreign affairs resisted china's demands that the disputes be resolved through bilateral negotiations and called on the countries to work together. >> we should recognize the increasingly important role of reaching the organizations. in east asia the association of southeast asian nations asan continues to play a central role in the regional architecture and promotes peace, stability, and security in the region. including the security in the south china sea. >> an important meeting in july broke up without a joint communication. the group failed to agree on how some member nations should resolve their disputes with china. cambodia's position was apparently influenced by the close econo
Oct 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
maximenergy. the other is the broaden asian angle. canada cannot afford to ignore asia and the massive demand. >> public opinion poll shows a lot of unease, but it's ironic because what the prime minister of canada stephen harper has been in asia recently a couple weeks ago the four premieres were in china. what were they all doing? saying asia you're our market, we want to sell things to you. so it's a two way street here. >> the next step in the story is mr. petromas will sweeten the terms or severimply walk away. >> so are they shooting themselves in the foot? >> i think this is an odd decision on the part of canada. dan yurgin just alluded to it being a market for asian exports. and of course the united states is seeing a resurgence in its own domestic production of oil and gas. which isn't to say canada will be shut out, but the u.s. will become more self-sufficient. canada will see booming production of oil and gas itself in years to come and asia which is the biggest growing market is an obvious place. and to have a partnership with a company like petromas would appear to make s
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
the russian far east you've got seven million people. chinese are pouring in. central asia, china's starting to colonize central asia with energy pipelines, with grants, loans. southeast asia, thailand is falling into disarray, china's having a divide-and-conquer strategy throughout southeast asia. that's the good news if you're a chinese leader. the bad news is that the ethnic han chinese core is limited to central china and coastal china. but within china's borders you have inner mongolians in the north, you have uighur turk i can muslims in the west and tibetans in the southwest. all those minority areas is where all the water resources for china are. it's where 80% of the coal resources are. it's where a lot of the iron other and other strategic minerals and metals are. it's in the upland plateau regions ringing china. therefore, if you're a chinese leader and a westerner lectures you about opening up and liberalizing your society you get nervous. because you think if i do that there's going to be sustained systemic ethnic unrest in all of the peripherys of my country. >> rose:
Oct 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
story of asia's underground railroad" by melanie kirkpatrick. i'm ken, president and ceo of hudson institute. i would like to welcome the audience watching at home and especially thank the friends at c-span for covering the event today. there were a couple of guests whom i would like to ak nog. -- acknowledge the counsel general of south korea and new york ambassador. i would like to -- [applause] i would like to acknowledge the presence of the japanese deputy counsel general in new york. [applause] in addition, i would like note the presence of several hudson institute trustees or vice chair, and the trustee jack david, as a special interest in the book as he was the first person to tread and he is married to the author. [laughter] we were grateful for jack's service on the board and the voflght involvement in the important book. i want to thank today's panelists the senior partner who was president at george w. bush special envoy. and the projection of north korea ref refugee and joseph kim who is a remarkable individual who escaped from north korea at the age of 13. hudson insti
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